Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University


Editors: Kenneth Reinhard and Julia Reinhard Lupton

Contents: Volume 3, Issues One and Two

Editors' Introduction


Section One: The Religion of Empire

Simona Sawhney, Remembering the Veda: Accumulations of Interest.

Willy Apollon, Vodou: The Crisis of Possession.

Deborah Wyrick, Divine Transpositions: Recent Scholarship on Vodou
and Santería Religious Art.

Sinkwan Cheng, The Kingdom of Heaven versus the Kingdom of Earth:
Christianity and the Displacement of Africans in Black Anger.

James K. Freda, Discourse on Han in Post-Colonial Korea:
Absent Suffering and Industrialist Dreams.

Section Two: The Jewish Strain in Modernity

Tracy McNulty, Israel as Host(ess): Hospitality in the Bible and Beyond.

Alexander Gelley, On the "Myth of the German-Jewish Dialogue":
Scholem and Benjamin.

Jack Marmorstein, Finding Fathers: Hannah Arendt and Sigmund Freud
Write Their Jewish Histories.

Kenneth Reinhard, Lacan and Monotheism: Psychoanalysis and the
Traversal of Cultural Fantasy.

Section Three: Secularization and Its Discontents

Edmond Wright, An Illusion with a Future: Religion, Epistemology, Narrative.

Gérard Pommier, From the Gods to Monotheism. From Demons to Devils.

Bonita Rhoads and Julia Reinhard Lupton, Circumcising the Antichrist:
An Ethnohistorical Fantasy.

Marcia Ian, Invisible Religion: The Extimate Secular in American Society.

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