Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University

Contents: Volume 1, Issue 1

Editors' Introduction


Tina Chen and S.X. Goudie, Holders of the Word: An Interview with Bharati Mukherjee.

Ella Shohat, Framing Post-Third-Worldist Culture: Gender and Nation in Middle Eastern/North African Film.

Jenny Sharpe, The Limits of what is Possible: ReimaginingSharam in Salman Rushdie'sShame.

Alfred Arteaga, Locating Poetry/Cantos primeros.

Poonam Arora, Devdas: India's Emasculated Hero, Sado-Masochism and Colonialism.

Timothy Watson, Jamaica, Genealogy, George Eliot: Inheriting the Empire After Morant Bay.


Christopher Alan Perrius, Occidentalism and Its Others.

Suchitra Mathur, Gender and Geography: The Colonial Construction of Place.

Michael Malouf, Inventions and Revisions.

Maria Pramaggiore, Bullet Riddled/Star Studded History: Neil Jordan's Michael Collins.

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