The Elephant Bath / On Top of the Elephant

The Elephant Bath

After the elephant has had his bath,
The river too becomes the elephant,
And having grown into the elephant,
It flows pleasantly on and on and on!

Wherever it touches, it comes alive,
Wherever it speaks from,
Wherever it looks out from,
It grows mobile
Wherever it moves from
After the elephant's bath, the river too becomes the elephant.

The river's trunk is visible too;
It's tail can also be seen.
So are it's four feet seen.
The river takes on the elephant body.
You can ride
The river that has become the elephant.

When the elephant becomes the river,
When you write the poem
About that elephant become river,
Then that elephant becomes poem
Becomes the elephant filled with letters,
And riding this elephant,
You could ride into space,
Move into the world of stars
In the moonlight night,
Singing songs, singing songs.

At that hour all the stars,
They drop and drop
Into the river
And bathe in it like the elephant.

7:05 AM 27 May 2000
Putli Sadak

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On Top of the Elephant

A man on top of an elephant
Looks like a hill.
Man, not becoming big,
Rather man becoming small.

It's the elephant
That looks big, like a hill.
Of course it's hills, isn't it
That have made men tall?

I too would like
To make others tall by becoming a hill,
Especially to enable those Who want to tower over others.

Has a hill made man tall?
Or is it his desire
That's made him tower?
Sometimes I'm of two minds.

Men who can't get up courage
To climb hills or mountains,
Could they become tall?
Are they likely to tower over others?

A man on top of an elephant,

He looks tall.

9:53 AM 31 March 2000
Putli Sadak

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