Wash These Times / Washing Shadows

Wash These Times

Should I wash these times as well?
Should I wring and wrench these times?
Should I wash this time we live in with the water of revolution?

This time we live in is so ugly, so dirty
Ripe with such an awful stench.
It is ugly to look at, so undesirable.
Should I hit it with the wooden stick?
Should I wash the time, beating it with the stick of revolution?

See the oppression.
See the corruption.

Should I boil the time in the cauldron of consciousness?
With the red hot fire beneath it?

Should I wash these times as well
Keeping them out in the open courtyard
So that my countryman can see?

Should I do that?

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Washing Shadows

Sometimes I feel like
Washing a shadow, washing all the shadows.

I pour water over them,
And I rub soap,
But I can neither scrub nor wring them.
Nor can I take them up in my hands.

I dump water over them.
I dump water over them with force,
But the shadow,
The shadows stay the same, just where they were.

I don't want to waste my time
Washing a shadow,
Washing shadows.
I don't want to waste my hope and energy.

That's why, that's exactly why I have set about
Leaving the surface slogans, the clichés,
Going to the depth of the meaning of words,
I want to wash the whole earth clean.

Yet shadows cannot be washed.
We can only keep them or remove them
Shake them,
Or let them be still.

7:04 PM 13 March 2000
Putli Sadak

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