Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

Contents: Volume 5, Issue 3 (Summer 2001)

Editor's Introduction


Andrea Feeser, Real-Time and Digital Communication
in and about Contested Hawai'i:
The Public Art Project Historic Waikîkî

Carolyn D'Cruz, "What Matter Who's Speaking?"
Authenticity and Identity in
Discourses of Aboriginality in Australia

Mohammad Tavallaei, Seven Poems

Sharada Nair, Macaulay Derailed:
English Literature in the Indian Classroom Today

Monika Mehta, What Is Behind Film Censorship?
The Khalnayak Debates

Nandita Ghosh, Fixing the Language, Fixing the Nation

Donald Blais, Eschewed Views From a Half-Ast Aboriginal

Cynthia James, Gender and Hemispheric Shifts in the
Caribbean Narrative in English at the Close of the 20th Century:
A Study of Paule Marshall's Daughters
and Erna Brodber's Louisiana


Charles William Miller, Postcolonial Educational Practices
and the Problem of Epistemic Authority

Review of: Rethinking Indigenous Education: Culturalism, Colonialism, and the Politics of Knowing. By Cathryn McConaghy.

Tabish Khair, Subaltern Studies: Hegemony and Speech
Review of: Mapping Subaltern Studies and the Postcolonial. Ed. Vijay Chaturvedi.

Benjamin Noys, A Small Island
Review of: Monsters and Revolutionaries: Colonial Family Romance and Métissage. By François Vergès.

Mala Pandurang, For Ken Saro-Wiwa
Review of: Before I Am Hanged. Ed. Onookome Okome.

Robert Clarke, Globalization: Rupturing Totalized Analysis
Review of: The Cultures of Globalization. Ed. Frederic Jameson and Masao Miyoshi.

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