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Volume 3

Barker, Francis, Peter Hulme, and Margaret Iverson, eds. Cannibalism and the Colonial World (Cultural Margins). Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1998.

Choi, Norma Field, V. Y. Mudimbe, and Sabine Engel, eds. The Comfort Women: Colonialism, War, and Sex. (Special Issue of SAQ). Durham NC: Duke UP, forthcoming September 1999.

Gilbert, Helen. Sightlines: Race, Gender and Nation in Contemporary Australian Theatre. Ann Arbor MI: U of Michigan P, 1998.

---, ed. (Post)Colonial Stages: Critical and Creative views on Drama, Theatre, and Performance. London: Dangaroo Press, 1999.

This collection of essays from leading international scholars brings together postcolonial theory, theatre history, textual critique, performance analysis, reflective commentary and dramatic dialogue to give rich insights into drama, theatre and performance in both colonial and postcolonial contexts. Material is drawn from different regions of the world, including South Africa, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, Malaysia, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Kaplan, Caren, Norma Alarcon, and Minoo Moallem, eds. Between Woman and Nation: Nationalisms, Transnational Feminisms, and the State. Durham NC: Duke UP, forthcoming June 1999.

Laguerre, Michel. Diasporic Citizenship: Haitian Americans in Transnational America. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998.

Laguerre briefly delineates the history of the Haitian diaspora in the United States during the nineteenth century, but this book primarily concerns itself with the contemporary period--specifically with the diasporic enclave in New York City. It uses a critical transnational perspective to convey the adaptation of immigrants in American society and the border-crossing practices they engage in as they maintain relations withe the homeland.

---. Minoritized Space: An Inquiry into the Spatial Order of Things. Institute of Govermental Studies Press, 1999.

Morrison, James. Passport to Hollywood: Hollywood Films, European Directors (SUNY Series in Postmodern Culture). New York: SUNY Press, 1998.

While not strictly post-colonial in its theoretical orientation, Passport to Hollywood addresses national identity in cinema through a close analysis of the films of several European emigres in the Hollywood system. He also explores the complex and often contradictory ways that these directors conceptualize ideas about "foreignness," and demonstrates new connections among modernism, postmodernism, and American movies. A reviewer for Choice called the book "Comprehensive and theoretically sophisticated . . . A major work of original scholarship . . . Brilliant Analyses."

Mudimbe, V.Y, and Chungmoo Choi. Diaspora and Immigration. Durham NC: Duke UP, 1997.

Okpewho, Isidore, Carole Boyce Davies, and Ali A. Mazrui, eds. The African Diaspora: African origins and New World Identities. Bloomington IN: Indiana UP, forthcoming in August 1999.

Shohat, Ella, ed. Talking Visions: Multicultural Feminism in a Transnational Age (Discourses in Contemporary Art). Cambridge MA: MIT Press, forthcoming immediately.

This multivoiced collection of essays and images presents the perspectives of activists, scholars, and curators from a broad range of constituencies. Challenging traditional disciplinary and cultural boundaries, the book moves beyond any unified feminist historical narrative to present a "relational" feminism of diverse communities, affiliations, and practices. 66 illustrations.

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty. A Critique of Postcolonial Reason: Toward a History of the Vanishing Present. Cambridge MA: Harvard UP, 1999.

Young, Robert J. C., Ban Kah Choon, and Robbie B. H. Goh, eds. The Silent Word: Textual Meaning and the Unwritten. Coronet Books, 1998.

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