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This Forum solicits responses to "Postcolonial Studies in the British Academy" (Laura Chrisman and Lawrence Phillips) and to"The Torture of Articulation: Teaching Slow Reading in the Postcolonial Literature Classroom" (Peter Babiak). Whether you wish to discuss a specific issue these articles raise, or comment about some other aspect of postcolonial pedagogy and its 'status' in the academy, please write in and share your ideas.

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There you will find a form with four boxes. Place your name and email address in the appropriate boxes. The subject box, which will expand horizontally as needed, requires a detailed title (a sentence or phrase specifying the issue you are addressing and/or the author's name--and perhaps your point of view). For example, if you wished to respond to Babiak's ideas about textual analysis, you could write in the subject box: "Re Babiak: can slow reading detect irony in works produced in "other" cultural/historical contexts?" If you wanted to question the problems raised by Chrisman and Phillips through reference to your teaching experience in a non-British classroom, you could write in the subject box: "My student-centered teaching (in the U.S.) often creates absolute resistance to theory." Then write your response in the message box, which will scroll down to accommodate any length.

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