Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University

Contents: Volume 2, Issue 2

Editor's Introduction


Jean Vengua Gier and Carla Alicia Tejeda, An Interview with Karen Tei Yamashita.

Floyd D. Cheung, Imagining Danger, Imagining Nation: Postcolonial Discourse in Rising Sun and Stargate.

Lawrence Phillips, Lost in Space: Siting/Citing the in-between of Homi Bhabha's The Location of Culture.

Jon Thompson, North American Dreams.

Juniper Ellis, Return to Exile: Locating Home.

Klaus de Albuquerque, On Golliwogs and Flit Pumps: How the Empire Stays With Us In Strange Remembrances.

Christine McCarthy, A Summer Place :
Postcolonial Retellings of the New Zealand Bach.


Katerina Ruedi, Hyperurbio Ergo Sum.

H. K. Kalkat, Perspectives on Postcolonial Theory.

Marian Staats, A.R.T. and Artists: Feminist Body Theory.

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