Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University


Editors: Lahoucine Ouzgane and Daniel Coleman

Contents: Volume 2, Issue 1

Editors' Introduction


Lahoucine Ouzgane and Daniel Coleman, Cashing Out the Patriarchal Dividends:
An Interview with R. W. Connell.

Philip Holden, The Significance of Uselessness:
Resisting Colonial Masculinity in Philip Jeyaretnam's Abraham's Promise.

Jillana Enteen, 'Whiskey Is Whiskey:
You Can't Make a Cocktail from That!'
Self-Identified Gay Thai Men in Bangkok.

George Elliott Clarke, Cool Politics:
Styles of Honour in Malcolm X and Miles Davis.

Joan Kee, (Re)sexualizing the Desexualized Asian Male
in the Works of Ken Chu and Michael Joo.

Thomas C. Spear, Carnivalesque Jouissance:
Representations of Sexuality in the Francophone West Indian Novel.

Derek Stanovsky, Fela and His Wives:
The Import of a Postcolonial Masculinity.

Rob Pattman, Learning to be men
at a teachers' college in Zimbabwe

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