Published by the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University

Contents: Volume 1, Issue 2

Editor's Introduction


S.X. Goudie, Theory, Practice and the Intellectual:
A Conversation with Abdul R. JanMohamed.

Nicholas Dawes, Constituting Nationality: South Africa
in the Fold of the "Interim."

Alexander Moore, Epistemophilia, Literature, Violence:
The Transports of Monsieur Le Vaillant.

Jill Didur, Fragments of Imagination:
Re-thinking the Literary in Historiography
through Narratives of India's Partition.

Julian Samuel, Grandfather at Noon: Lahore, 1957.

Review Article

Anthony C. Alessandrini, Fanon and the Post-Colonial Future.


Delroy Constantine-Simms, Uncovering the Black German Holocaust.

Christopher Hanlon, Pathological Stains and Moral Law.

Liza Ann Acosta, Modernism, Postmodernism, and
Latin American Literature.

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